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Midnight Mutt Music

by Brandt Austin Dunn

A sample of tunes by BAD & Assoc.

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Brandt Austin Dunn & Associates

Brandt has composed & performed music with myriad musicians over the past few decades. Some bits & pieces can be found here. Current projects & show dates are also on this BAD/Ass music hub...

Midnight Mutt serves 2 purposes: 1) a vessel for BAD's indie movie jam rock original songs, manifesting & ever-evolving in some form or another; b) live artistic music productions promoting all musical projects involving Brandt
Wide-Eyed Lounge Cats was formed by Reggie, Tore, Christian, Ryan, & the Rev B. Ramble...Jazz Jam Cats, as cool as they sound. welcatsmusic.com
Mozaic is a Late Night Party Band consisting of Cuzzin' Mark, Andy Harden, Ken Crawn, & Brandt. Available anytime, really.  more info HERE...

Brandt Austin Dunn plays an eclectic mix of covers, solo acoustic or as a freelance vocalist, guitarist, &/or drummer jamming with a full band

 Keep your ears, eyes, & minds open for these special projects:

Moksha Latte is an acid jazz instrumental dream project, w/BAD on drums   Righteous Ramblers host a charity event tribute to The Band's Last Waltz... more info on the Ramblers HERE...